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Welcome to Tarot with Viero, your online destination for self-reflection, personal growth, and emotional insights. As a tarot reader with a background in mental health and nature-based therapies, I, Viero, offer Online Tarot Readings, Intuiti Cards Readings and more, uniquely blending Jungian Psychology and Shadow Work principles. My approach goes beyond traditional interpretations, delving into personal psychology and emotional landscapes. Join me in a safe, supportive space to explore your inner world, gain insights, and embark on your journey towards self-understanding and personal growth. Let's connect with the wisdom of tarot and the healing power of nature.

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Client Reviews

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"I had a Tarot reading with Viero and it was a truly enlightening experience. Viero's unique approach, combining tarot with insights from mental health, provided me with a deeper understanding of my current situation. I highly recommend Tarot with Viero to anyone seeking guidance and clarity."


"Viero's Intuiti Card reading was unlike anything I've experienced before. It really sparked my intuition and gave me a fresh perspective on my life. I left the reading feeling inspired and empowered." 


"I was going through a major life transition and felt lost. Viero's Journey Tokens reading provided me with guidance and confidence to navigate this challenging time. It was like having a compass for my life's journey."


"The Pythos Prism Five Day Journey was a transformative experience. Each day's reading built on the last, creating a narrative that gave me profound insights into my life. Viero's expertise and empathy made the journey a truly enriching experience."


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