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Tarot Reading


Explore your inner world with our 30-minute Tarot Reading service, using the Spacious Tarot Deck and Expansion Pack. Choose from readings focused on self-reflection, emotional insight, life transitions, relationship dynamics, or personal growth. Each reading concludes with an emailed summary for further reflection. The number of cards pulled is tailored to your needs and the focus of the reading.

Pythos Prism

$250 - $300

Dive deep into your psyche with a rare Pythos Prism reading. Choose between a 3-hour Deep Dive session for an intensive exploration, or embark on a Five Day Journey with daily readings that build an overarching narrative of your personal development. Using a unique blend of tarot, I-Ching, and Jungian psychology, these services offer profound insights into your inner world. To book the Five Day Journey, simply schedule your first session and we'll arrange the rest. Whether seeking intensive guidance or a sequential exploration, you'll leave with a deeper understanding of your own story.

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